Social Events

Opening Reception - La Bonbonnière

Friday, June 17, 18.00-20.00

The Bonbonnière was originally built as a church building commissioned by the Jesuits in 1606-1614. The architect was Peter Huyssens, who was also a Jesuit. The design of the church was relatively simple. In 1789 the church was closed and renovated into a theatre. Since then the building underwent some renovations and nowadays the inside of the building does not have anything reminiscent of a church. Until 1992 the Bonbonnière was the city theatre of Maastricht, but then the Theater at the Vrijthof was opened. The Bonbonnière was deemed too small and there was no space for productions that required a big stage. Therefore, the theatre is not used so often for theatre productions since then. The theatre hall is every now and then used for (amateur) theatre productions and readings. The building also consists of two other smaller venues, foyers and a café-restaurant. All other spaces in the Bonbonnière can also be used for business events, parties, dinners and banquets. Since December 1996 La Bonbonnière is opened as a hospitality outlet. For more information, visit: (only available in Dutch)

La Bonbonnière

Conference Dinner - Crown Plaza Maastricht

Saturday, June 18, 19.00

This hotel is located in between two fancy and trendy areas in the centre of Maastricht; Wyck and Céramique, and is very centrally located. From the hotel, that is located at the Eastern side of the river Maas, you can enjoy a beautiful view over the river and the city. All historical highlights are only within a small walking distance and you can easily visit the Basilica of Our Lady, the market or the wonderful City Hall. Since all these highlights are so close, it is the perfect base to enjoy all the beauty Maastricht has to offer. Also the “Bonnefanten Museum” is within walking distance, where you can enjoy art in all sorts of shapes. Furthermore, the area of Wyck is a great area for shopping with trendy boutique shops, but if you cannot get enough of (window) shopping: the main shopping area is also within walking distance. The restaurant of the Crowne Plaza, “the Mangerie”, has a Mediterranean cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere and is overlooking the river and the inner city. The guest specifically value their terrace and the amazing view. The hotel bar is called “le club D’Artagnan”, which is also located on the riverside of the building, and serves you your favourite drink inside or on the terrace if the sun is out. The hotel offers nine function spaces of which some are also overlooking the river. For more information, please visit:

Crown Plaza

Social event Caves, Kanne

Sunday, June 19, 19.00

Kanne is a picturesque village located in Belgium, close to the Dutch border. In this village you can find the marlstone caves that are around 70 million years old. At that time, Kanne was a subtropic sea, the Chalk Sea. There were a lot of creatures living in that sea, with a chalk skeleton. When these animals died, they sunk to the bottom of the sea and they made a layer of stone, today known as marlstone. The marlstone (yellow brick) is used as a building stone, for houses, churches, etc. The marlstone caves of Kanne are a network of corridors under the ground surface, where building stones were cut out of the marl. They started around the year 1700 and they’ve been cutting out bricks till the late 1970′s. The total length of the corridors is 16 kilometers (about 10 miles) and some corridors in the caves are around 8 meters high. All these corridors are cut out by hand with saws and pickaxes. It was a dangerous job to do. The transport of the marl blocks was organised by horse and carriage. The marlstone caves were also used in the Second World War. Because the caves were excellent to hide, a lot of people lived under the surface at that time. At the heart of these caves you can find a beautiful ballroom, which is excellent for business events, receptions, family and birthday parties or weddings. When arriving at the caves a small train will take you along a scenic route through this remarkable location to eventually arrive in the ballroom. For more information, please visit: (only available in Dutch or French)


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